Why Shop With MobyPay
More Affordable Shopping
When choosing MobyPay at checkout, your payment will be split into a minimum of 3 monthly instalments. This way, your purchases will become more affordable. Only with MobyPay you can buy smarter and pay later.
No Interest Fee
Online shopping is better with MobyPay! Now you don't have to worry about interest fees when using your credit card because MobyPay does not charge any interest fee.
Transparent Payment
From the start of your buying journey all the way to the end, you will know exactly the amount you will pay each month as it will be stated clearly at checkout. No hidden fees!
Exclusive Offers
Join the Platinum tier to get exclusive offers and discounts from our retail partners. What's more, you can have the option of up to 6 monthly instalments! Learn more about our tier benefits.