MobyPay – Buy Now, Pay Later

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MobyPay lets shoppers Buy Smarter and Pay Later

With a more affordable payment option, your customers are less likely to abandon their shopping carts. Instead, they would be your repeat customers!!

Why Partner With MobyPay?

Increase in Sales

Alami pertumbuhan jumlah jualan oleh sebab penurunan kos masuk dan tarik perhatian segmen pelanggan baru.


We take all the risk, both credit and fraud. Once a transaction is approved, you’re guaranteed the payment – we’ll deal with the rest.

Increase in Brand Loyalty

Sit back, relax and get repeat customers with MobyPay. Our conversion rate team will work with you to retarget the right customers to ensure a higher conversion rate.

Become A MobyPay Partner And Grow Your Business!